March 10th Virtual Tasting Wines

March 10th Virtual Tasting Wines

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Sparkling wine is a great accompaniment to so many foods so we decided to shake things up and go Korean for our next Virtual Workshop!  While the idea of any wine and Korean food might seem unusual, we think we’ve come up with the perfect pairings for this Korean dinner.  Master these two dishes, pair them with the wines of Truett Hurst and VML ,and you are sure to impress your friends!  Please join us in another fun workshop with Chef Cody and Winemaker Ross. 

Scallop Mandu Dumplings with Scallion Lace, paired with 2019 VML Black Label Sparkling

Gochujang Glazed Pork paired with 2020 VML Earth Pinot Noir and 2020 Truett Hurst GPS

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